skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


tints of christmas.

Around this time of year, it's funny to look down at what I'm wearing and realize I'm accidentally in Christmas colors, because olive greens, deep brick reds, and piney browns are the hues that have surrounded me since Day 1, living among my parents' decor selections. I let it cross my mind that I might want to justify my clothing color choices to people who point it out, with this little tidbit, but hey, I am in no way a grinch about the holiday season, other than perhaps during what I find to be an extremely high-stress family gift exchange game on Christmas Eve. We won't go there. 
anthropologie top, american apparel skirt, 80%20 wedges c/o modcloth, target satchel, necklace from poland - gift from mom, handmade blue bracelet (below) from three rivers arts festival, copper bracelet from colorado c/o mom!
We found it to be an extraordinarily mild day to step out from the office for a quick breath of fresh air, it was marvelous. Isn't this vintage [faux?] fur coat marvelous as well? 'Twas a serious *free* score on my mother's part, and I think we've just been in awe of it hanging in her closet for about a year until I finally gathered the gusto to wear it just this week. No matter that it was way too warm for that type of coat - I was into it!
Have you stumbled upon any awesome vintage finds lately?


Photos by Mindi Harkless. Find her here or here.

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