skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


ok, ok.

You know those days when your outfit looks flawless on the hanger, but once the clothing actually gets on your body, it just...zigs when it should zag. Welcome to my Wednesday. A few times I considered asking my coworkers to switch clothes, but then I felt bad putting them through the odd emotions provoked by the lumpiness of my layers. I managed to persevere, pushing my stripes into my under-stud pouch time after time with a smile. (I know!)
banana republic striped tee c/o mom's closet, lauren ralph lauren linen top c/o mom's closet, urban outfitters skirt, jeffrey campbell wedges c/o modcloth, modcloth bracelet (below)
All this said, I dedicate this post, as I should many others, to the lovely and all inspiring Mindi - the genius behind what came so close to not ever existing! She continues to just bulldoze me with how she can turn an office park parking lot into an urban allegory, and a 'blogger's bad day' outfit that's too-close-to-fupa-for-comfort into something much less awful than that. Applause, applause!

I think you should check out more of Mindi's work both heeeere and heeeere! 'Cause she rocks!

:) christen


  1. Your hair looks like it really knows what it's doing--love it (and the outfit too)!

  2. to be completely honest, it's most often pure luck that it ends up how it does...hehe thanks, though!

    <3 christen


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