skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


positive impulse.

vintage dress c/o tea & tulips online boutique, modcloth tights, payless shoes, target earrings, urban outfitters (I think?) watch, j.crew bangles (the b&w one I found!)
Many may call impulse buying a dirty habit, and while I can definitely see why one might feel this way, I completely beg to differ. If I see a garment or gadget or useless trinket that I know I want to purchase right then and there, no thought involved, an instant's gotta be a pretty ding dang awesome thing, so why pass it up, right?
If it's a new thing, you can always return it later if you regret it, no problem. If it's a vintage thing, like the dress I'm wearing here, you won't want to return it anyways! Yes, this dress was a complete impulse purchase, and no, I have not stopped being obsessed with it since the moment I laid eyes on it. Sounds pretty win-win to me!
Does anyone know of any awesome thrift stores either online or in Pittsburgh, within which I can go shamelessly implement my impulse technique?!


Photos by Mandy Fierens of The Curvy Model


  1. Man alive, you guys wear some pretty rad stuff.

  2. look who's talkin'!! you need a blog feature! why haven't you had one yet? prepare an outfit, we're going on a shoot this weekend..right after kenny's. I'm not kidding!



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