skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


professor steam punk.

^'twas just one of many nicknames that were granted among our traveling clan of total goofballs over the past week - this one was thanks to these totally weird shades my padre got for me during those dang sales everyone has the few days after Christmas (the time when you need things the least, but their low prices cause you to cave most hastily). We're back from our New Years road trip extravaganza, but still living in the past through the multitude of videos and photos we captured...  
...and for me, also through this outfit. Although this was my first official road trip, I'm going to go ahead and assume that despite packing ample outfits for each day, most long-distance drivers can relate to how I fell into wearing pretty much the same few things the entire time. This ensemble, exchanging the boots for moccasins, and the blouse for a cat tee and cardigan every now and then, was more or less my uniform.
j.crew chambray blouse (gift from parents), j.crew black cords, anthro shades (post-christmas sale), gap infinity scarf (post-christmas sale), thrifted vintage purse, francesca's row bracelet (gift from parents), alex&ani feather bracelet (gift from dad), american eagle beaded bracelet (gift from grandparents), lucky brand duck boots, moleskine planner
Included in my arm carnival is a small souvenir we each got tossed to us by a friendly stranger at the end of the New Years show. Mine says 'UR A [STAR],' which I think is quite an aspirational way to start out the twelve-month series that lies ahead of me, and so I decided to nix my normal urge to clear things like this off my wrist, and keep wearing it as long as it lasts! Hey, it's fun! I also have a new beauteous red planner with pages that are waiting to be filled, which is such an amazing feeling. I have an entire year waiting to be molded into the most magnificent collage of unbelievable experiences that somehow continue to top one another, and I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!
<3 christen

Photos by Bree Crum, graphic design marvel.


  1. Beautiful Christen, just beautiful. Among everything I love about this post, I really admire your thirst for the life that will take place for you in the next twelve months. Most people fail to realize this is what the celebration New Year's Eve is all about.

    Keep up the good work lady,
    Much love,

  2. Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment, bri!! I'm glad I have a fellow Life enthusiast :)

    -christen, xo


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