skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


traveling pants.

You know I like magic. Whether it be in the form of a mystical friend or a mysterious transformation, I'm always tossing the word out, as it's a sensation I commonly feel in my heart. But, I experienced real magic. 
Ever seen these jeans? Didn't think so. That's because they went missing for just long enough to awaken some fear within me that my memory is turning to mush! But then it happened...
anthro jacket (post-Christmas super sale), citizens of humanity jeans c/o nordstrom, urban outfitters scarf (gift), target satchel, anthro sunglasses (below), anthro top (beneath jacket)
I pulled a random hanger from off my mess of a pants rack, and there was nothing on it! This because the bottom bar of it had somehow broken in half, causing any pair of pants put on it to slide right off. I dug deep beyond the hangers full of pants, only to find this pair acting as a dust magnet on the floor.
Doesn't sound too uncanny, I know, but the spellbinding part is that I could tell this morning when I put them on that they hadn't been cleaning the floor of my closet that whole time; rather, they had traveled to an otherworldly land via wizardly void in my floorboards and returned a bit withered from the trip.
So today I revived them by saving them a special spot next to this springy jacket, which is fascinating in its own way for the fact that I wore it today (not spring)!
Cool, huh?

:) christen

Photos by Mandy Fierens of The Curvy Model

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