skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.



None other than theeeee Breeeee Crum (aka. Bitchin' Camaro)! She's a marvelous being with a tight hairdo, tattoos that take total guts but that she rocks so hard, and here she is wearing a dress equally as spectacular as all of these things. In my opinion. 
modcloth dress, bakers wedges, vintage bracelet
Bree is a pretty bomb diggity fresh graphic designer, too! I think it would be a smashing idea for you to check out some of her work here, although that doesn't include all the killer cool work she's done as ModCloth's Design Intern. Words of wisdom that Bree often offers to those around her, and would now like to share with the world are, "Oh God I don't have any quotes..."

Give it up for Bree, folks!


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  1. Those shoes are simply amazing!
    xx s


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