skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


good job.

Things I accomplished today:
        + eating a dozen donut holes (I'll admit - after the first half dozen, the rest kind of became a goal)
        + finally accepting that feta is definitely in the 'goat cheese' category (mine was quite goat-y today)
        + wearing this leopard print dress as a not-dress yet again (remixability! woo!)
        + shaving 10 minutes off my morning commute (thanks for the new route, dad!)
        + narrowly escaping getting my fingernails cut off with a pocket knife by a man with no a friendly way (please do ask, I'd be happy to relay the story!)
modcloth dress, american apparel skirt, modcloth belt, modcloth tights, aldo wedges
Things I did not accomplish today:
        - forcing my gas light to turn back off merely by strength of will (I swear it's worked in the past)
        - forcing my old lady of an iPod to actually play music merely by strength of will (time for the ol' restore, womp, womp)
        - receiving unexpected snail mail merely by strength of will (hint, hint)

Feel free to join in the listography fun by contributing below!


P.S. how do you like my new hair color?! I'm lovin' it m'self, thanks for asking!

Photos taken by Mandy Fierens of The Curvy Model.


  1. 1. i LOVE your hair!!
    2. feta is my favorite kind of cheese...even if it really is 'goat cheese'.
    3. i swear that i have also turned off my gas light by strength of will. although it always seems to turn back on afterwards...
    4. i'm loving your blog more & more each entry ;) keep 'em coming!!

  2. I just came across your blog and I love it!! Very unique (in a good way), and your smile is absolutely adorable. :)


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