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I'm currently undergoing what I think could possibly be a character-defining switcheroo in my answer to the question, "If you could live in any other era, which would it be?" My response up until this point would have, without hesitation, been the '20s, and specifically, I would have been named Daisy Buchanan. I'm not going to completely let go of that dream, however I'm finding this new fascination with all things '60s. I'm still on the surface of my love for this location in time - I don't know too much about it that others don't know, but that doesn't stop me from re-realizing almost every day, while surfing the web or shuffling my iPod that, "Holy heck, the '60s are where it's at!" So, here are a few of my and Shane's original favorites about this time in history...

1. Britt Eckland's bangs. Need I say more?
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2. The Sound of Silence. Simply beautiful, each and every time.
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3. Marlo Thomas' utter insanity as Ann Marie in That Girl, while remaining #1 most fashionable ever, in my opinion!
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4. The colorful collective brought together by George Clinton beginning in '64.
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5.  Our list of all things groovy from the beloved 60s couldn't be complete without the timeless and funky Volkswagen Bus. No doubt, millions of miles have been traversed in these efficient little shoeboxes. I can only dream of the day when we set out in our very own..
6.  And of course: Light-tastic dance floors centered around that shimmering silver orb...
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What '60s music or TV shows should we be digging into? What era are you enamored by?



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