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a simple DIY.

It's all too often that I have a bit of spare time that I want to fill up with a fun little DIY, but it just so happens to be 1am, when no hardware store runs can be made for those chains, fasteners, or other oddly specific appliances it's hard to have just lying around. So, here's an easy idea that only takes a needle and thread, scissors, and any article of clothing!
Step 1 (the only step): come up with a phrase or quote that suits your fancy, and get to work sewing it on the back pocket of pants, the bottom hem of a t-shirt, sleeve cuff of an oxford, or anywhere else you think it would look cool!

Tip: I started with the top, right corner (the 'E' in 'COME') so I was sure not to run out of room. I proceeded to sew each word backwards, making sure to line up the last letters vertically.

Opinion: your text does not have to be extremely neat, or even in any special 'font' for it to look good. Of course it depends on what your text reads, and where you are sewing it, but in my case - a worn-in pair of jeans with a sort of 'grunge' mantra, the imperfections work to its benefit!
Happy sewing!


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