skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


a guarantee.

You need to know that every single time I wear rainboots, it stops raining. Without fail. I'm not joking around. This morning was one of those raining-so-hard-you-have-to-drive-25-mph-on-the-highway-with-your-blinkers-on downpours, but since I was wearing these boots, you better believe it swiftly ceased.
tj maxx dress, modcloth scarf (gift from grandparents), ann taylor loft belt, hunter rainboots, elle earrings (gift from parents)
Then. My coworker feverishly shared with those of us who were getting ready to leave work this evening, that there was a tornado nearby, and that we should be very careful driving home because it's headed our way. This is it! I thought, I've finally outsmarted Mother Nature! I win! But then I stepped outside only to find that the weather was beautiful! And this made me mad. Which was extreme trickery on the outdoors' part, because, really...who gets mad about it being 75 degrees in November?
Only me. The one who's in a never ending argument with the rain...or lack thereof. Hmph!

And so, I make you this guarantee. If ever you suspect you're in the same city as me, and desperately need - or even casually want - the showers to disappear, please do drop me a line. I'd like to think my rainboots serve some function.


Photos by Mandy Fierens of The Curvy Model


  1. these colors look FANTASTIC together! and i always seem to jump the gun with wearing my rainboots too!

    p.s. i'm your newest follower!

    dash dot dotty

  2. Hi sweet pea! I love those boots with that dress.

  3. dotty, thank you so much!! super excited to have a new 'friend' =)

    aunt kim, any new jewelry i can feature soon?!


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