skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


from last to first.

Just before autumn fell, Hags and I fit in one last bare-legged afternoon, which I remember quite fondly for just that reason - the fact that it was bare-legged. Although I do love wearing sweaters and scarves almost as much as I love my dog, which is saying a lot for inanimate objects.
my mama's banana republic shirt, j.crew shorts, j.crew flats, vintage necklace, american eagle aviators
I find that with a 'last' always comes a 'first', and while I won't be shufflin' the streets in my favorite olive green shorts, and Haggies won't be waddlin' around in her spiffed out studded sandals for a solid few months, I will now be relying heavily on my mother's closet to clothe me when I get itchy over my own things. Definitely not the first tee I've borrowed from mi madre, but it's always a beautiful epiphany the day that you realize your wardrobe has suddenly doubled, whether it be thanks to a sister, a roommate, or a super stylish mama.
target dress, forever 21 belt, blowfish gladdies, premier designs necklace
Catch ya later, summer clothes!

Photos by Lindsay Hagerty. 

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