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mom day.

No, this isn't the same as Mothers Day. This is an occasion that should ideally occur much, much less than annually, but somehow has been sneaking its way into this year more than planned. Mom Day is the day when I wake up and dress myself as normal, go on with my day, and then suddenly it hits me...that I kind of look like a mom. Are you seeing it? That thing tight around my neck? That's the dead giveaway!
american apparel sweater dress, modcloth poncho sweater, handmade tie necklace (gift from brother), martin + osa bracelet, 80%20 wedges c/o modcloth
It took a bit of coaxing, but my friends (and to some degree, my own turtleneck-defending mother) managed to convince me that my look was not matronly. Although perhaps a bit vegan, coconut water-drinking, holistic healing, city-dwelling half-hippie. And that, I am a-OK with. 
Minus the fact that I could never be vegan solely because I can't imagine giving up eating cookie dough just because it has raw eggs in it. Too, too good to boot the bird from my diet. Who's with me?


PS- is anyone else even remotely as ecstatic as I am about these new wedges? Super comfy! Instant favorites. 

Photos by Julie O'Boyle of Orchid Grey.


  1. I agree! I really don't know how vegans do it, depriving themselves of such deliciousness such as real chocolate and raw cookie dough :) Gimme my crispy bacon and slab of chocolate and some scrambled eggs!! Mmm now I'm hungry...also, isn't this a wonderful time of year to NOT be a vegetarian or a vegan? Gobble gobble!

    And I think turtlenecks will forever be a classic, no matter if it makes you feel like you look like your mom...your mom must be very stylish cause you're owning it here, girl!

    Those wedges are awesome, 80%20 can do no wrong... :) I bet they look great with denim too! Stay warm this weekend and have a fantastic Thanksgiving, fellow cookie dough lover!

  2. =D have a great thanksgiving, amberly!!



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