skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.



Some of you may have seen a sneak preview of this outfit yesterday on ModCloth's instagram! In addition to the fact that I found day-long glee in wearing two duos of creatures as accessories today**, I can't think of any other time that I've worn an outfit that's felt as meaningful to me as this one did. The belt was given to me by my grandmother awhile back, and while it was undoubtedly an incredible gift while she was still living, now it's truly a treasure to me. The scarf is a vintage piece that Shane thrifted for me, and gave to me as a Christmas present this past year. I just thought that was so thoughtful of him, and I've been waiting for the perfect outfit/occasion to tie it felt really complete with this one.
h&m shirt, modcloth skirt, modcloth earrings, vintage scarf (gift from shane), grandmother's belt, ann taylor wedges

Yesterday at work, I had my first Walking Taco. We made our fair share of jokes about them, but when the time came to actually eat them, I couldn't find one thing to spoil the fact that they were mere perfection! Although, after downing two of them, I definitely felt like this ^^
 **All the animals marched onto Noah's ark in pairs - except for the worms...they came in apples.
Aaaaand on that note, have a great weekend!
<3 christen

Photos taken by Julie O'Boyle of Orchid Grey.

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