skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


lawfully unabiding.

After a mere three days away from my beloved steel town stomping grounds I managed to weave my way through some pretty swell spots including a beautiful strip of land along the Susquehanna River with my man Luke and his fresh piece, and a retirement community's pavement paradise with longboarding legend, Mythical Mike. Between these country-fried outings, mi madre introduced me to the greatest "salsa alternative" called Cowboy Caviar, and our young pooch Lacy undoubtedly got cuter and goofier since the last time we reunited.
The woods let us frolic in peace, but cement city's finest "campus" security unit was quick to give us the late night boot. Regardless, Lancaster County blew a fresh breath of air into my lungs and I can't wait to see what the rest of my final Spring Break holds.
 Keep it fun, keep it safe and only shoot at trees!!


  1. thanks Zane! Glad you could appreciate. Diggin all your stuff as well!

  2. Shane- you "plated" the chips and salsa so artfully on that pretty dish! :) It looks delicious!


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