skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


spring break.

ignacio tores
While many of my peeps (including Shane) are either roaming the beach or their hometowns for spring break, I, being the working woman that I am, do not have one. It's sad. I hang around campus with my still-being-educated buddies so much that most people don't even realize I've graduated, and keep asking me what I'm doing for break, which is really just salt in the wounds :) However, I have decided to take a bit of a mental spring break - take some extra time spent with my family, some friends, and myself. Yesterday was my day off, and among the mostly-nothing I did, I took a hot yoga class, which was a much needed cleanse for my body and to release some things that were bugging me. Shane is taking this week at home also to spend time with his family, to work on some video projects he's been dying to get to, and also doing some hot yoga himself! 

So, we encourage you to take the few minutes that you would be reading our new posts (which we appreciate so, so much!) to close your eyes and find silence in your mind, and revel in its beauty for a bit before you continue on with your perhaps busy day.

Have a great week!

<3 christen & shane

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  1. That animation is so awesome!

    xo Jennifer


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