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etsy shops to adore.

If you're anything like me, you find it all to easy to click a button or two, and before ya know it, there's another box at your door. It's a bad impulsion that I need to kick...but it's much less bad if you know the right buttons to click! Here are a few of my favorite shop finds on etsy, all handmade, reasonably priced, and worth every penny.

 All purchases from this shop are made-to-order of handcrafted leather by shop owner Erandi, who resides in Mexico. Her products come in too many colors you'll want, and with the time it takes for each order to be made and shipped to the US, the pleasure delay is deliciously unbearable. Can't wait for my navy T-straps to arrive!

2. knobbly
 This awesome and unique jewelry comes all the way from a Capoeira-butt-kicking lady named Gittit, in Israel. She teaches this technique to pre-schoolers, claiming these wonderful interactions give her 'an excuse to think and feel like a child every day.' Awesome!

3. softspoken 
I discovered this shop when its owner, Rachael, became a follower of from the woods! Yay! She features pages upon pages of crocheted hats, scarves, and accessories (and not to mention, adorable models), that are made-to-order in many colors. I'm super excited to feature one of her pieces here as soon as it arrives!

What are your favorite etsy shops to support?



  1. Just discovered your blog, it is adorable =) Thanks so much for featuring my shop! I'm in good company, I LOVE my gold oxfords from golden peonies and can't stop babbling about how comfortable they are.
    Gittit (aka Capoeira-ninja-lady) from Knobbly

    1. yay thank you so much for visiting! hope to send some new folks your way <3


  2. Oh my word, these are amazing shops! I'm especially digging knobbly's jewelry <3
    I'm just a huge accessories fan :) Haha
    And the only shop I've browsed through constantly would be EchoingWaters shop. She has the best bohemian stuff!
    But I'm definitely checking out that knobbly shop...looks so cute!


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