skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.



In lieu of a post yesterday, I took a small adventure with two of the finest gentlemen in my life: my magnificent Mr., Shane, and my fashionable, five-star friend, Kenneth! Not a day goes by that KJ doesn't look mighty suave, so here I've documented an afternoon of that sophisticated style for your viewing pleasure!
j.crew plaid shirt, j.crew v-neck sweater, j.crew chinos, high cotton bow tie, vintage ll bean hunting boots, ray-ban shades, burberry watch
Our journeys first took us to this spot, which you may recognize from a past post (it's one of my favorites), then to various neighborhoods around Pittsburgh to photograph 'green' buildings for Shane's internship with the Green Building Alliance. We also climbed around on some massive art structures in the city and snagged some hot diggity dogs from Frankie's Extra long (chili/cheese & mustard/kraut..mmm!). The afternoon was quite lovely - almost as Kenny's Amurr'can bow tie. I'd say he represents our country quite exceptionally, yes?



  1. Yes, he does! God bless America...and all your adventures in nature (and the city!) :)

  2. nice outfit but quit smoking!!!!=)

  3. It always amazes me when guys manage to look this good in a bow tie.. it used to be something I associated with old people, even unstylish people, but Its making a major comeback!

    I'm jealous about your chilli/cheese hotdogs.. last time I was in America I couldn't get enough of them. You don't get them anywhere in the UK :(


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