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This Valentine's Day, rather than going the discreet route of adding a red or pink touch to my outfit, or the chic route of pink- and red-colorblocking, I went for the full-out, big, fat, in-your-face cheesy heart. And at no point did I regret that decision. :)
But while I did embrace the day through my outfit, it was later confirmed that Shane and I are too big of goofballs to get our act together for a classic V-day date. And I say (type?) this with a smile on my face, because, despite about 45 minutes of driving that should've only been 20, switching restaurant destinations uncountable times at 10pm, and nearly passing out of starvation, we managed to keep laughing at ourselves and have THE perfect meal at a too-big table and under blinding spotlights, in the corner of the Harris Grill (why didn't we choose this resto in the first place? yum!). It was truly lovely :)
modcloth 'frocktober dress', modcloth tights, modcloth the modcloth pittsburgh office's lobby. haha! decorations by emily m.
I seriously have a photo of me in this pose from EVERY shoot. Why, why, why?! I figured this would be the occasion to stop pretending I'm not a diva and share one, anyways :)

What unexpected glee did yesterday bring you? 


Photos taken by Julie O'Boyle of Orchid Grey.

Ah! I almost forgot! Rather than buying each other fancy shmancy gifts for special occasions, Shane and I usually just make each other fancy shmancy cards (although the gifts have been creeping their way in, too, lately). Here's a little peek at what we came up with this time!
here is the paper cutout card I made for shane. under the black lights in his room, it looked like the heart was beating!!!
here is just a part of the awesomely sweet one he made for me! the rest of it is for my eyes only =P 

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  1. Oh! Your dress is just amazing! And you look super lovely! We also love your handmade decorations! Oh and thanks for your sweet comment on out previous post!;D If you have more time, we hope you could drop by for our new blogpost.

    MLU the blog.


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