skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


open your eyes

I found the mother load; the bank of banks, gleaming with fat shadows and thin outlines.
Geometry galore.
PS. Extra credit for anyone who can decipher these twisted treasure maps of color.

These beauties were all under the some classic green 3 river trusses, although this particular spot is a stretch of concrete and steel snaking out from Mt. Washington.

Honestly, I wasn't even that surprised to fall on some of the most colorful and well done paint jobs I've ever seen, even in Pittsburgh.  The main WOW-factor to the whole ordeal was how I meandered my way downtown, failed to thumb a ride across the Liberty Bridge, found out I could walk along the top side instead, monkeyed my way down the hill to the tracks and struck gold.  Due to a time pinch to my internship meeting (the primary reason I was in Station Square/Southside/Liberty Bridge region in the first place), I only managed to snap a few pics of some work that had my smile a mile wide and my eyes tickled by the rich shades of color and immaculate detail these masked street art crusaders pull off.  Before I arrived at the hive I couldn't help but notice the variety of marked walls once hidden behind greenery and now fully exposed with only naked twigs blocking their messages.

It's a sublime experience moving towards a hillside and slowly discovering the small patches of color squeezed on crumbling walls and ancient foundations.  Pittsburgh is brimming with these creative explosions.
 I bid you farewell with an image of one of my personal favorites-the "Absent Minded Family."  Seems this crew has been at it for a few years now and there's something powerful, clever and downright cool about their massive "AM" bombs.  Digging this one, specifically, for its rotation and aqua marine chroma.
So keep your eyes peeled next time you go basically anywhere.  There are cities buried underneath our cities, Anthony Green laments.  Where will you find the colorful traces left behind?...

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