skating down the mountain, skyline in our rear view mirror.


hippie stuff.

These photos are another small segment of Monday's outing. I just quickly threw on these clothes (a chambray shirt is the ultimate go-to that I have to do some serious convincing of myself to not wear it again on most days), and while you often see me in girlish skirts and blouses, this is my faaaavorite way to dress. Earth tones, pop of color, tree-climb-capable. How could you go wrong? 
j.crew chambray shirt, h&m olive jeans (super duper sale), target scarf, j.crew boots, martin & osa bracelet, raw food world bottle
So, for Christmas, I asked for a blue glass bottle. I know that the mere existence of blue glass annoys some people endlessly, because of the 'wholer than thou' hippie mantra that mainly comes along with it (plus, mine has 'Divine Harmony' etched into it, which can't help the cause), but I just think they look cool. And I think I may have heard it has some sort of health benefits because of the way the sun does something to the...something. Hey, there are many things worth researching, and a few worth telling yourself, "it's definitely healthier" and just going with it! Who's with me?
I may not be able to make my mind up about my style, but one thing I can definitively say is that I'm down with hippie stuff. If any of you folks out there would like to experience divine harmony at its finest, give me a buzz and come drink up (water, that is)!


Photos taken by Kenny Clifton. 

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