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a tragic tale.

This post makes me a bit glum. Well, it makes me extremely gleeful mostly, but then the nostalgia takes over,'ll see. Sigh. Today, we feature the short-lived two weeks during which were gloating, smothering, and oh-so-proud parents to an 8-week old kitten named...actually, he went by many, many names. We brought him home in a Brisk box, so he was initially named Brisk (of course), but quickly became mainly Kitty (usually pronounced adoringly like keee-teee, though sometimes sternly like KITTY!, and at other times inserted into various jingles). 
Soon, his Brisk box was replaced with this cute wooden crate, generously provided by my roommate at the time. But the crate could at times be quite the handful, as his litter box was simply a shoebox with a hole in the side, and when taking Kitty and these 'belongings' places (because other than when I was in class, he was simply never left alone) without a helping hand, he quickly figured out how difficult of a task I was presented with, and often curious as to what was over the edge of his crate, tried to crawl out! 
 And thus, the [adorable] blanket-wrapping method of transportation became very handy. 
But it wasn't all parenting all the time with Kitty...sometimes we gently partied with him...

And as thanks for all the good times, he kindly warmed my pillow.
 When we weren't busy, Shane and I just gazed at his practically unfathomable cuteness. He was very popular, and admittedly, we got a bit jealous of all his people friends.
But before long, we had to say goodbye to our perfect baby, which certainly involved many tears, but also warmed hearts, because his new loving parent (one of my favorite friends) was perfectly smitten, just like we were! Then Matty informed us that Kitty is actually a 'she'...but that's beside the point. He moved to New Orleans and is keeping busy being the greatest kitty ever to live. Hi, Kitty, hi, Matty! We love and miss you both!!

Do you have any sweet kitten stories you'd like to share?

<3 shane & christen


  1. So I'ma guess that the reason behind me not seeing a FREAKING ADORABLE LOVABLE WONDERFUL BITE-SIZE KITTY at your house was because of my level of intoxication this weekend? :((((((((((

    1. luckily, you are wrong! If you were right, I see one of two things coming from it...
      1. there would've been many, many pictures of you and the cat for you to later find out about your interaction from
      2. you would've eaten the cat (more likely)

      it's been about a year since we had to give him away, though, so this is simple a tribute post! we should go visit matty & kitty in new orleans!!!


  2. So sweet! Reminds me of the time in college when my roomate found a kitten behind the trash dumps and we kept him secret in our dorm for a week. Our whole floor knew and was in on keeping it secret from the RA. :)

  3. aww i loved that Kitty! glad to hear that [s]he is doing well :)

  4. Oh SHE is lovely! She reminds me of mine auntie's cat caesar.


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